• Automatic Winder


    SMARO automatic winder is a new generation winder self-developed by Qingdao Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. It adopts state-of-the-art control system, compact mechanical structure, newly-designed winding technology and yarn path. The intellectualization of electrical parts and performance stability are greatly improved. The monitoring of complete yarn winding process is realized. The SMARO winding technology ensures higher productivity, better yarn quality and outstanding economic efficiency.
    Higher Productivity
    Optimized yarn path
    Excellent unwinding accelerator
    Highly efficient joint cycle
    Superior Yarn Package and Yarn Quality
    USTER/LOEPFE electronic clearer
    Import yarn guide drum
    The yarn tension device positive rotation
    Electromagnetic pressure
    Resource Conserving Yarn Winding
    Inverter-controlled main suction motor.
    Coaxial driving drum.
    Separate motor driving joint cycle.
    Compact mechanical structure.
    Convenient maintenance.
    Digital single spindle control.
    Intelligent Man-to-Machine Communication
    Bilingual HMI (Chinese and English).
    Easy data setting.
    Clear production data statistics at a glance.
    First Class Aftersales Service
    Timely spare parts supply.
    Regular trainings.

  • Automatic Winder


    MARO-I automatic winder linked with spinning frame, is a new generation automatic winder developed by Qingdao Hongda Textile Machinery Co, Ltd. The winding speed can reach up to 2200 m/min. Adopting advanced control technology, the winding techniques and yarn track are designed in a brand-new way, thus its mechanical structure is simplified, air loop is better controlled and the electric intelligence is improved. The machine adopts global monitoring to obtain yarn with higher quality and more profit to improve the productivity largely.
    High quality
    Automatic bobbin feeding from spinning frame to auto-winder improves yarn cleanness and avoids yarn contact damage.
    Enhancing automatic level, saving manpower
    To transport yarn package and feed bobbin automatically so as to save labor and connect the two labor-intensive procedures directly not only to realize automation and continuous production but also to improve quality and enhance productivity.
    High efficiency

    To solve the friction between package of spinning frame and speed so as to enhance the spindle speed of spinning frame and increase productivity
    High efficient and high quality piecing unit
    · Fiber sensor detects current piecing condition
    · Upper and lower air door control to enhance piecing rate and efficiently control air consumption efficiently.
    · Vertical liner suction cylinder moves up and down to enhance motion precision.
    · Reasonable suction clip and vertex blowing system can greatly enhance piecing rate.
    Completely automatic yarn supply

    · Bobbin supply from spinning frame to auto-winder is completely automatic, free of manual feed. Behind single spindle it is designed with spare bobbin convey channel.
    · Bobbin conveyor increase logic judgment to make following actions such as full bobbin, empty bobbin, piecing, re-piecing, waste yarn treatment, stop, pass in CBF not interfered with each other.
    · Bobbin change is automatically detected and feed.
    · Empty bobbin is automatically transported back to spinning frame by loop belt.
    · Bobbin is transported by support disc that eliminate bobbin yarn surface damage and reduce pilling increment.
    Main technical specification:
    1. Type: single-spindle, single-sided arrangement, left hand or right hand
    2. Fields of application: Nm3.5 to the highest count cotton, wool, synthetic and blended spinning yarn or plied yarn
    3. Winding speed: 400~2200 m/min, stepless speed regulation
    4. Number of winding spindles: 6 to 36, every two spacing increment
    5. Spindles distance:320mm
    6. Applicable bobbin taper:3°30’, 4°20’, 5°57’
    7. Feeding bobbin yarn specification: Diameter =32~57mm, Length =180~280mm
    8. Joint type: air splicer
    9. Electronic clearer: USTER, LOEPFE, KEISOKKI
    10. The winding drum: DC motor coaxial transmission, step-less speed regulation
    11. Electronic anti-patterning system
    12. Joints circle: electrical logic control, intelligent cycle
    13. Tension control: electromagnetic pressure, closed-loop control (optional)
    14. Waxing: optional
    15. Piecing ability: 40/min
    16. Support disc diameter:Φ70mm
    17. Channel No.: two for bobbin forward, one for bobbin back
    18. Total installation power : 28.2 kw
    19. Dimension (20 spindles): 10901×1540×2732mm

  • Automatic Winder


    SMARO-E auto-winder with tray is a new generation winder, self-developed by Qingdao Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. It inherits the advantages of SMARO automatic winder and SMARO-I automatic winder linked with spinning frame, adopted optimized designed tube yarn treatment and single spindle tube change mechanism, increases big magazine, realizes flexible connection with spinning frame, adopts advanced control technology, realizes self-diagnosis, self-supply and yarn monitoring during whole process, greatly enhances its automation and intellectualization degree.

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