• POY-FDY-ITY Production Line

    POY-FDY-ITY Production Line

    POY Spinning Machine
    Suitable for both direct melt spinning and chip spinning in production of polyester yarn (POY).
    ◆ Equipped with the new type of energy conserving spin beams with 25% less energy consumption  compared with conventional ones.
    ◆ The bottom loaded spin packs bettering evenness of melt flow and the uniformity of spinneret surface. Temperature, reducing labour.
    ◆ New type of quenching system providing smoother air blowing for the better yarn evenness.
    ◆ The adjustable height of non-blowing area under the spinneret enabling further spinning process adjustment.
    ◆ Fully automatic winders with precision winding, featuring higher successful changer-over rate and excellent bottom layer yarn unwinding and tail yarn shifting.

    FDY Spinning & Drawing Machine

    Suitable for both direct and chip spinning in production of polyester yarn (FDY).
    ◆ The new type of energy conserving spin beams with 25% less energy consumption compared with conventional ones.
    ◆ The bottom mounted spin packs bettering evenness of melt flow and the uniformity of spinneret surface temperature and reducing labour as well. ..
    ◆ New type of quenching system providing smoother air blowing for the better yarn evenness
    ◆ The heated godet with thermal tube technology featuring more even surface temperature and less energy consumption.
    ◆Fully automatic winders with precision winding, maximum 24 packages, featuring higher successful changer-over rate and good package formation.

    Polyester industrial yarn

    With multi-stage drawing and thermal setting process, the machine is suitable for production of high tenacity, low shrinkage polyester industrial yarn in melt spinning.
    ◆Specially designed extruders improves melt properties and reduces melt viscosity degradation.
    ◆Top mounted spinneret of high pressure self sealing with 200mm in dia. is applied.
    ◆Individually temperature controlled stage heater is used to effectively prevent sheath-core fiber structure formation.
    ◆Different configurations of multi-drawing and thermal settings are used to meet different requirements of industrial yarn.
    ◆Hot godet is induction heated and thermal tubes and sectional temperature control are applied to get better uniformity of surface temperature in the working zones.
    ◆BWA-G type winders are used to achieve low ADF, low waste rate and good package formation.

  • PSF Production Line

    PSF Production Line

    Our Complete Set of Polyester Staple fiber (PSF) line is suitable for multi-variety differential fibers:
    <1> High-tenacity cotton type fiber
    <2> Mediate - length polyester staple fiber
    <3> Fine denier fiber
    <4> Color fiber
    <5> High-tenacity sewing thread
    <6> Hollow fiber
    1. PSF Spinning Description & Flow-chart
    The polymer melt from the polymerization system enters this system from the exit of the polymer triple valve, which will be transported by the melt manifold (static mixer being fixed inside) to the spinning machine. The filament from the spinning machine will be cooled and solidified into un-drawn fiber by the inside-to-outside circular blow assembly, after being finished and guided, finally it is fed into fiber can. 
    Polymer→ triple valve → buster pump → condenser→melt manifold→filter →melt manifold→ spinning→ quenching→ finishing→ capstan→ feeding→ fiber collecting
    2. PSF Draw Line Description & Flow-chart
    Under the uniform tension, undrawn tow passes through creel and is parallel sent to pre-feed module. After adjusting the tension, the tow is divided into 3 pieces of band, and then goes around 7 roller of prefeed module to keep it invariable tension before going into prefeed bath. Tow gets the necessary oil and a certain temperature from prefeed bath, where the oil concentration is 0.25%. Then the tow goes into Draw module I, draw bath, Draw module II, draw streamer, annealer and Tow cooling spray device.
    Main draw process of Tow carries through draw bath between draw module and draw module II, where the tow is heated. The draw multiple is 3~4. 
    Passing through draw steamer, the tow goes into Annealer , and before the first group setting roller, tow finishes the second draw section Draw process speed is  260~280m/min.Total draw multiple is 3~4.5
    The roller of draw module 1 and draw module II are of non-heated type. Tow is heated in Draw bath. The temperature of outlet is about 70℃.
    The fiber needs to be set under high temperature to produce with high strength and low extension cotton type. Therefore, the setting type is of high-pressure steam heating roller. Used steam is 2.4MPa. Tow outlet temperature is 190℃. Tow goes into Tow cooling spray device for cooling through oil spraying. Draw module III also uses non-heated rollers, and tow temperature from outlet is 70℃.
    The tows after cooling are sent into tow stacker, the 3 pieces tows are stacking into 1 piece. The roller, tilt angle of which can be changed, achieves the stacking process. The width of the tows and the quality of stacking is especially important for crimping.
    The crimping results come from adjusting pressure of pressing roller and stuff box.
    The tow after crimping goes onto the chainplate of dryer by down-sliding laying system. Before going into the dryer,Spray the oil on the tow once more。 the tow has been dried and set under loose condition.
    The dried tow is dragged onto the platform +15.000m above through guide part and knot catcher. Under the control of Tow tension stand, the tow is evenly fed to Cutter, and cut into the required length. The cut fiber directly drops down into Baler, where makes into bale with specified weight. Through packing, the bale is sent to Weigher for check the weight by transportation dolly, and then labeled. After check out, send the bale to Warehouse.

  • DTY(draw-texturing machine)

    DTY(draw-texturing machine)

    JWFK6M-10J-240 (M-type) and JWFK6M-10J-240 (V-type) draw-texturing machine can process POY yarns for middle and fine denier polyester. This kind of model is easy to change quickly different deniers of yarn and produces single ply filaments that are used widely. Speed of each roller, D/Y ratio, temperature of heaters, parameter of package etc are Controlled through PLC and main drive motor is controlled by individual inverter. Individual control system is for each side.
    Processing: polyester POY
    Yarn Count: 167-330dtex (M-type), 33~220dtex(V-type)
    Designed Speed: max 1000m/min
    Spindle No.: 240(10 section)
    Overall Dimension(Square Fixed Creel): 18820x6480x4890(M-type)
    Total Power:     heating power: 104KW(M-type), 92KW (V-type)
                              main driving power: 83.5KW;
                              auxiliary power: 16.5KW

  • VSF Production Line

    VSF Production Line

    We provide engineering design, consultation, supervision and contracting for Viscose Staple Fiber Production Plants on turn-key or EPC basis, each line capacity from 20000 to 80000 tons per year, covering the following design/supply scopes:
    101  Viscose preparation (including soda station)
    102  Spinning (including production intermediate storage)
    103  Spinbath station
    104  Pressed liquor treatment
    105  Waste gas treatment station
    106  Waste gas exhaust tower & air exhaust room
    107  Acid/alkali storage & pump room
    108  CS2 storage
    109  Pulp storage
    110  Product storage
    111  Connecting corridor
    201  Refrigeration station
    202  Air compressed & nitrogen station
    203  Soft water station
    204  High-tension distribution room
    205  Circulating & cooling water pool and circulating water pump room
    206  Heat-power station
    301  Intake water pump room
    302  Water plant
    400  Waste water treatment plant
    500  Heating power plant
    600  Carbon disulphide plant
    700  Mechanical repair workshop
    801  Entrance guard
    802  Weigh bridge room
    803  Dining room
    804  Staffs apartment
    805  Complex office building

  • CP Line

    CP Line

    PET CP line(Continuous Polymerization)is using PTA and EG by 3-reactor process technology and equipment, with advantage of low temperature, short process, saving energy and reducing emission.
    The CP line takes Purified Terephthalic Acid (abbr. PTA) and Ethylene Glycol (abbr. EG) as raw materials, the Antimony Trioxide as catalyst, the titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a delusterant and DEG as additive through a series of chemical reactions of Direct Esterification and Continuous Polycondensation to produce the fiber grade chips or melt of polyester (PET) for downstream user.
    The catalyst, delusterant and modifier are fed into oligomer pipelines.
    Scheme of the plant is under:
    As an engineering project, PET CP plant is generally composed of process equipment, auxiliary apparatus and utilities described as follows:
    Process equipment:
    Major process equipment includes following systems::
    ⑴PTA unloading and slurry preparation unit
    ⑵Esterification and separating column of emerged vapor
    ⑶Additives preparation unit (including DEG, catalyst and TiO2 etc. preparation and supply system)
    ⑷Oligomer transferring and additives feeding unit
    ⑸Pre-polymerization unit and pipeline
    ⑹Final-polymerization unit (Finisher) and pipeline
    ⑺EG circulation system for polycondensation
    ⑻Vacuum power unit in polyondensation
    ⑼Polymer transfer and granulation unit
    ⑽HTM flashing and supply system
    ⑾Steam system
    ⑿Cooling water distribution system
    ⒀Chilled water distribution system
    ⒁Compressed distribution air system
    ⒂Nitrogen distribution system
    Auxiliary apparatus: 
    (1) Area of HTM tank
    (2) Energy recovery system of Esterification vapor
    (3) Stripping unit for waste water from esterification
    (4) Cleaning system of melt filter
    (5) Area of EG tank
    (6) Analyzing and chemical laboratory
    (1) HV/LV substation
    (2) Steam supply system: steam generator
    (3) Compressed air, Chiller and Air separate system for nitrogen
    (4) Water supply station (industrial, soft, demineralized, civil and fire water)
    (5) Effluent treatment system

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