• Dyeing

    LMA206 Continuous Pad Dyeing Range

    This range is used for dyeing and soaping the fabrics of all cotton polyester / cotton, and their blends.
    Infeed in open-width→MH/H553 uniform squeezer→HMA/S664(III)infrared dryer→MH663(II)D Hot flue dryer→HM2651B(1)Cylinder dryer→M1868Ybaking range→cooling roller→Plaiting in open→width(with J-box)→infeedin open-width→MH/H553 niformsqueezer→HM1741(1)reduction steameer→(M1483B 2-bowl squeezer→M1515A washer)×2→M1483B 2-bowl squeezer→M1515D(1)washer→M1483B 2-bowl squeezer→Airing section→M1513Dwasher→M1483B2-bowl squeezer→M1564D washer→(M1483B 2-bowl squeezer →M1513D washer)×2→M1483B 2-bowl squeezer→M1513D washer→M1484B 3-bowl squeezer→HM2653KB Cylinder dryer →Placting in open-with
    Main specifications:
    Nominal speed (m/min):        70
    Nominal width(mm):               1600, 1800, 2000
    Driving system:                       Synchronously driven by multi-unit A.C variable frequency motors.
    Air pressure(Mpa):                 0.4 to 0.6
    Water pressure(Mpa):            0.1
    Steam pressure(Mpa):           0.3 to 0.4
    Steaming temperature(℃):   102±1
    Soaping temperature(℃):      95 to 98
    Installed power(KW):              306
    Overall dimension(mm):         72500×(W+2430)×5784

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