• Industrial textiles

    Metal Fiber and its products

    Metal fibers include
    1. Stainless Steel Series: 316L, 304, 302
    2. Ni6, Ni/Cr Alloy
    3. Other high temperature alloy fiber, such as FeCrAl alloy Fiber

    Our Products
    1. Metal fiber: diameter: 2~100μm
    316L Stainless Steel fiber 
    FeCrAl fiber and other alloy fiber
    2. Pure Metal yarn
    316L stainless steel spun yarn
    Material: 8μm, 12μm
    Specification: NM3~NM30
    Other metal fiber spun yarn
    Material: 13μm, 17μm, 22μm
    Specification: NM3~NM11
    3. Blended yarn (cotton/stainless steel)
    4. Functional sewing thread
    5. Pure high temperature resistant metal woven fabric and knitted fabric
    6. Metal fiber sintered felt
    7. Conductive plastic
    8. Anti-static brush, Anti-static& Anti-magnetic wave fabric
    9. High temperature carrying belt and functional tape
    10. 100% Stainless steel Mono-filament (20~50μm)
    11. Aramid/metal pinprick felt
    12. Flame-resistant/high temperature resistance felt

  • Industrial textiles

    Pure 316L stainless steel spun yarn / Other Metal fiber yarn

    Pure 316L stainless steel spun yarn

       ø8µm, ø12µm

       NM3,NM6, NM8, NM11, NM16, NM30

    Other Metal fiber yarn

       ø13µm, ø17µm,

       NM3,NM5, NM7, NM11

  • Industrial textiles

    Armid fiber yarn

    aromatic polyamide

  • Industrial textiles

    PAN fiber blended yarn



  • Industrial textiles

    100% Stainless Steel Woven Fabric and Knitted Fabric

    Width: 1000mm~1500mm

  • Industrial textiles

    100% Stainless Steel Continuous yarn

    275x2, 275x4, 275x6, 100x2, 100x3 etc.

  • Industrial textiles

    Functional Strings and tapes

    Stainless steel woven tapes

    Para Aramid woven tapes

    Metal wire braided belts

    Anti-flame and dielectric strings and tapes

  • Industrial textiles

    Flame-resistant series fabric and clothing

    Anti-flame cotton fabric

    Meta Aramid fabric

    Para Aramid fabric

    PAN fiber fabric

    Anti-flame viscose fabric

    PSA fabric

    Anti-flame Denam

    Anti-flame knitted fabric

    All kinds of high performance fiber blended fabric

    Implementation of standard of GB8965.1-2009 class A, B, C

    And EN ISO11612-2008

  • Industrial textiles

    Anti-static series fabric and clothing

    Pure cotton anti-static fiber yam, fabric

    CVC anti-static fiber yarn, fabric

    T/C anti-static fiber yarn, fabric

    Polyester fiber anti-static fiber yam, fabric

    Moisture absorption anti-static fiber yarn, fabric

    Anti-static denim

    Anti-static woolen knitted fabric

    Anti-static cotton knitted fabric

    Anti-static fiber yarn

    Anti-static sewing yarn

    Implementation of standard of GB12014-2009 class A, B and ANSI/ESD STM2.1  EN1149-1

  • Industrial textiles

    100% Stainless Steel Mono-filament (20~50μm)

    1. Raw materials: SUS 304,  SUS 316L
    2. Diameter of fiber: 2μm~50μm, especially 35μm, 40μm

  • Industrial textiles

    Functional sewing thread

    Anti-static sewing thread

    Anti-flame sewing thread

    Pure metal sewing thread

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